Pre-Bariatric Psychological Evaluation

Why do I have to have a psychological evaluation?
The surgeon referring you for evaluation wants to ensure you are informed and emotionally prepared for the surgery and the dramatic changes you will experience post-surgery.  Many insurance companies also require this evaluation prior to authorizing coverage for weight loss surgery.

What will the evaluation involve?
The psychological evaluation consists of two paper-and-pencil psychological tests and an interview.  The tests wll help me learn about you as a person in a brief period of time.  During the interview you will be asked about many aspects of your life, including information about your past, your present situation, and your future goals after your bariatric surgery.

Can I fail the test?
The tests you will complete are not the pass-fail type--and there is no preparation for taking the tests!  The testing will help me identify your particular strnegths, identify the areas you will need to address to best prepare you for surgery, and identify those areas that will optimize your success for long-term weight loss.

Who will get the psychologist's report?
My office will send a copy of your report to your surgeon.  Your surgeon will also know when you have shceduled the evaluation, if you kept the appointment, and when the report is completed.  Your insurance company will also receive a copy of my evaluation if this is required for authorization for surgery.  You may also request a copy be sent to your Primary Care Physician.

How long will the evaluation take?
The evaluation can be completed in 1 to 2 hours, and is expected to be completed in one visit.  If you would like feedback or follow-up therapy prior to your surgery, these services are scheduled and billed separately from the psychological evaluation.  You are welcome to discuss this with me when you call to schedule your appointment.

How much does the evaluation cost?
The total cost of the psychological evaluation is $650.  This includes the clinical interview (90801) and psychological testing, interpretation, and report writing (96101).  While many insurance companies will cover part of the cost of the evaluation, payment in full is required at the time of the evaluation.  As a courtesy, you will be provided with information to file with your insurance company, or we will file with your insurance company and reimburse you whatever amount is paid.

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